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„Welcome to our creative advertising agency, where the art of cinema fuels our creativity. Our cinematic roots and profound expertise allow us to forge strong connections between brands and their target audiences. We think holistically and use our video campaigns across multiple channels to achieve maximum impact and excite consumers.“


All in one: Consulting, Creation & Production

From strategic planning to campaign delivery, we wrap your vision in vibrant stories that touch the hearts of your target audience. We dive deep into your values and goals, crafting tailored campaigns that reflect your unique essence and enable deep identification.

Together, we unleash the magic that sets your brand apart from others. We want your customers to be not just customers, but genuine brand ambassadors who enthusiastically connect and engage with you.

"Moving Stories, Profound Identification“


Agility through networking

Our method involves using slimly structured teams to bring flexibility and speed into play. These teams are quickly put together within our network to make sure we always achieve the best outcomes. 

By avoiding large, rigid structures, we enable dynamic collaboration across various disciplines. This approach helps us deliver quick and effective results in our campaigns.

"Collaborative, Creative, and Flexible: Our Way of Working Together!"


Cinematic Expertise

In our network of film enthusiasts and professionals from all areas of film production—from directing to visual effects—everyone brings a deep understanding of cinematic storytelling. This expertise ensures that each campaign becomes a captivating experience.



Cross-Channel Orchestration

Our approach combines dramatically solid storytelling with a cross-channel orientation to create authentic and impressive campaigns that resonate emotionally and are consistently conveyed across all communication channels. 

At the same time, we ensure that each story is tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of different platforms.

"We feel the pulse of the target audiences and understand how to touch their hearts."


Thought in motion

We use motion pictures to stand out in a world of short attention spans and numerous digital stimuli. Motion pictures are essential for igniting deep emotions and communicating effectively across various platforms.

"Convincing with motion pictures where words are overlooked."